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Building Department

Department Contacts

Deschutes County Inspectors

City Hall Building Department Office: (541) 323-5221
Inspection Requests: (888) 299-2821
Electrical Inspection Requests: (888) 299-2821

Randy Scheid - Building Official
(541) 317-3137 (Office)
541-508-8653 (Cell)

Chris Gracia – Assistant Building Official
(541) 388-6578 (Office)
(541) 280-7487 (Cell)

Owen Gilstrap
(541) 388-6614 (Office)
541-480-8948 (Cell)

Steve Jensen
(541) 385-1700 (Office)
541-480-8934 (Cell)

Dan Swarthout 
(541) 385-1745 (Office)
541-280-0342 (Cell)

Brian Moore 
(541) 323-5221

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The City of Sisters strives to make every reasonable effort to provide equal access to all City-sponsored services, programs, activities and facilities for citizens and employees with disabilities.

Equal employment opportunities will be provided for all qualified individuals with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The City will make reasonable modifications in policies, practices, procedures and facilities to ensure equal access and will operate its programs so that, when viewed as a whole, those programs are reasonably accessible to, and usable by, individuals with disabilities. 

Oregon Aging and Disability Resource Connection
Oregon’s Department of Human Services has an on-line resource connection for seniors and people with disabilities, their families and caregivers.  To access the resource database, please go to

For more information contact:
Patrick Davenport, AICP
(541) 323-5219

ADA Meeting Accommodations

For information and/or arrangements for an interpreter or other means of communication or access accommodations for City Council meetings, please contact the City Recorder at (541) 323-5213. 

Barrier Removal Request: Click to Get Form Here.

Building Codes

Oregon's Specialty Codes Online

Building Permits

Our Building Permit forms are available for download in PDF format here.

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Service      Building Inspectors      Contact Information 
Building Official
Randy Scheid 
541 317-3137 (Office)
541 508-8653 (Cell)

Residential Inspections
Dan Swarthout   541 385-1745 (Office)
541 280-0342 (Cell)
        Owen Gilstrap 541 323-5221
  Commercial Inspections:   
Steve Jensen   541 385-1700 (Office)
541 480-8934 (Cell)

Commercial Inspections:
Owen Gilstrap  541 388-6614 (Office)
541 480-8948 (Cell)
Commercial Inspections:
Building and Mechanical

Steve Jensen 541 385-1700 (Office)
541 480-8934 (Cell)
Dan Swarthout    541 385-1745 (Office)
541 280-0342 (Cell)

Plan Review Chris Gracia

Brian Moore   541 323-5221

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New Construction Fees

List of New Construction Fees in PDF form (New form coming soon)

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New Building Fees

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